Terms and conditions


To get the right to make valid applications for purchase of goods offered in Biochoice.eu, you must first register.
When registering you must enter the address that will be used to supply your name and surname, e-mail, phone (s) link. Create your password using a combination of numbers and letters. Remember that the password of your account and that of the e-mail should not be the same. The password is the only key to your account. If it is difficult to solve, and keep it a secret, your account will be safe. After registering successfully, in each contract, you can adjust your phone number and delivery address and specify your representative to accept the order.


Personal data obtained by Biochoice.eu registration will only be used for customer service - receiving and fulfilling orders, delivering information in the form of a newsletter and connection with consumers in case of any problems with the order. We guarantee that the data will be disseminated in any form to third parties or used for purposes other than those mentioned above. Users subscribe to our newsletter, may terminate your subscription at any time. User account to a specific user can be deleted from the database Biochoice.eu, together with adjacent data at any time desired by the user.


Orders are accepted on site 24 hours a day, incl. on weekends and in the days of public holidays. When finalizing your order, you are able to see the products you buy and their prices, your name, e-mail, phone, address, nachina delivery and billing. After finalization of the contract you will receive on your phone a confirmation with the same information. For each stage of processing the order (confirmation of availability, transmission, etc.). you will be notified by the operator via e-mail or phone. The state of current and previous orders you can keep track of your account.


The final price of the contract is calculated as the sum of prices of products ordered. All prices include VAT and are subject to change by the time of ordering to date of payment. To the price of the contract will be add the value tothe delivery. Biochoice.eu has the right to change the prices advertised on the site withoutwarning tocustomers.If there aretechnical errors in the published price Biochoice.eu has the right to refuse orders and no compensation in any way the user. Biochoice.eu shall repay the amount if it had been previously paid.


The execution of your order can be prevented by any of the following reasons:
A. One or all of the goods ordered are unavailable, in which case we will contact you as soon as possible.
2. No payment (late payment) by the user if the chosen bank.
3. The user has specified an incorrect or incomplete shipping address.
4. No telephone contact with the consumer.
In case of delivery problems our fault any additional costs on us. In all other cases subsequent consignment will be at your expense.


The consumer may return goods purchased by him within 7 working days from date of purchase for her target object of the transaction must be in original packaging with no signs of use or breach of the presentation of the product in accordance with the provisions of Art. 55 of the CPA.