Facial Serum with Botox effect - 2 ampoules

Facial Serum with Botox effect – 2 ampoules


Botox effect – Facial Serum with hexapeptides and hyaluronic acid – 2 x 3 ml ampoules

Serum Botox effect is a natural cosmetic product designed especially for the area around the eyes and mouth, where involuntary facial movements form permanent wrinkles.

Active ingredients:

  •     – hexapeptides
  •     – hyaluronic acid
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What are peptides?

The peptides are chains of two or more amino acids, which stimulate the cellular production of collagen.

Botox-effect of hexapeptide:

Hexapeptides / chain of 6 amino acids / is used in cosmetics as a local muscle relaxant. They interact with the neuro-chemical signal between nerves and muscles and affect the skin like Botox injections, but in a painless and non-traumatic way. When they entering the epidermis, the peptides relax the surface muscle fibers and tone the epidermis. They help to get rid of wrinkles by gently relaxing the muscles.

Hyaluronic acid has a strong moisturizing effect and helps skin retain its natural moisture and elasticity, protects against environmental influences, gives the skin a soft, velvety and youthful firmness, evens and tones.


  •     Break off the top of the ampoule
  •     Apply content on the face and neck
  •     Massage with gentle circular motions from the inside out by paying more attention to the area around the eyes and around the mouth
  •     It is recommended to use the ampoule only once immediately after opening
  •     For even better effect – use at night after putting on your face the Neutral tonic with green tea extract and hyaluronic acid



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