TRONKA - organic tea by ecological region Strandja

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Lavender blossoms from organic farming – 35g

Lavender is an aromatic plant discovered and used since ancient times. It is widely used in folk medicine.
Lavender is insecticide, especially against casemaking clothes moth and the civilized world displace the use of naphthalene household.
Lavender has nervouspokoitelno, analgesic, disinfectant and diuretic action. It is used for neurasthenia, cardiac neurosis, migraine. Helps good sleep and calm the body.
In the Bulgarian folk medicine lavender is used in schizophrenia, paralysis, flatulence, gastritis, insomnia, dizziness, rheumatism, rapid heartbeat, headache, stomach pains.
Sprig of lavender in the closet brings freshness and drives away moths.


Mursal tea – only the most useful part: petals

At the Institute of Botany at BAS exploring its properties and establish beneficial influence mursalski tea on the liver and many other diseases, and that slows aging.
There is no lower age limit on consumption of mountain tea, because they do not contain hazardous substances the body of children.