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Vigrix Turbo is a supplement for men and women of all natural formulation to increase potency and sexual pleasure and satisfaction.
For men:
• Contributes to increase energy and vitality, prolonging erections and increased penis size, there kasatelstvo to increase testosterone levels and improving sperm quality;
• Assists in erectile dysfunction;
• Contributes to sexual performance and stamina;
• Contributes to greater sexual satisfaction;
• Contributes to improve circulation;
For women:
• Contributes to increase blood flow to the clitoral and vaginal tissues;
• Contributes to higher sensitivity and responsiveness to sexual stimulation;
• Contributes to greater opportunities in reaching orgasm;
• Contributes to increase the frequency to reach orgasm;
• Contributes to greater sexual satisfaction;
• Contributes to increased sexual desire and clitoral sensitivity;
• Contributes to overcome vaginal dryness.


Magic Power Mars is a symbiotic containing Lactobacillus bulgaricus, enriched with a dry extract of Radix Urtica. Lactobacillus bulgaricus and the amino acids cheer up, detoxificate the body and rise the immunity. The extract of Radix Urtica increases the synthesis of the natural protohormone in humans. The organism produces testosterone and estrogen from it, as the level of testosterone in men is higher and the level of estrogen is higher in women. The product regulates the hormonal balance in human body. Radix urtica extract promotes the full absorption of calcium and phosphorus by bones, teeth and hair. It is suitable for men because of the high content of milk fats. Prevents from cancer of the prostate; Prevents and decreases the prostate adenoma growth; Stimulates the hair growth and strengthens hair, nails and teeth; Intensifies libido sexualis.