Essential oils and base oils

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Unrefined extra virgin argan oil produced from organic raw materials

Ingredients (INCI): Argania Spinosa Seed Oil

Aroma: light core

The texture of Argan oil Oleador is light, smooth and absorbs well. Organic Argan Oil from Germany contains important fatty acids and has a regenerative effect. Argan oil nourishes all skin types and is an ally in the fight against premature aging of the skin, which results from the loss of elastin. Argan oil restores damaged hair follicles and is therefore often used for any nourishing treatments for hair. Concentrated vitamin E promotes hair growth.

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Essential oil of bergamot – fresh care for greasy skin

Lat: Citrus bergamia.

100% pure bio-essential oil from Bergamot. Certified Organic Product by Ceres GmbH

Net: 10ml

Method of extraction: cold extract from the bark of the fruit.

Aroma: sweet, citrus, with a fresh touch.

Qualities: Relaxing, refreshing, wonderful addition to skin care – especially oily skin prone to acne. Add <2% to Base Oil Optional: 1 drop to 5 ml. base oil, for example rosehip. Do not use on sun exposure, especially in light skin.

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100% pure essential oil. Without pesticides / herbicides
Method of extraction: steam distillation from the flowers and stems

Origin: Bulgaria

Aroma: sweet, strong color, with hints of melon, cucumber, mint

Features: essential oil with mild, while one of the most effective oils, helps in a variety of problems. Can be used undiluted on the skin – has antiseptic properties, helps with minor burns. A wonderful addition to caring for every skin type. In small amounts, has a calming effect, restores balance and aids sleep.