Bulgarian natural cosmetics with extracts of snails

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Regenerating Face Gel “SNAIL GEL + Q10”

Snail gel + Q10 is a Bulgarian innovative cosmetic gel for face and neck with a high percentage extract of garden snail Helix aspersa, coenzyme Q10, rose water from Rosa Damascena and panthenol.

Providing perfect care and protect the skin from premature aging.

Packaging: glass

Net: 30 ml.


Face Serum “Tears of snail” with a dropper “Tears of snail” is a product that actively stimulates the energy metabolism and the natural regeneration of cells.

The serum with extract of snail:

– Intensively rejuvenates the skin

– Reduces wrinkles – Improves elasticity

– Neutralizes free radicals

Use for: bags under the eyes, pigmented spots, stressed skin, sunburn and slowing the aging process.
Active ingredients:

  •      Extract garden snail
  •      Bulgarian rose water from Rosa Damascena
  •      D – panthenol
  •      Almond oil

Net: 30 ml