Organic pillows with spelt and millet

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Cover: 100% cotton
Filling: Spelt husks
This classic round meditation cushion is especially designed to support the natural S-shaped curve of the spine and to distribute the body weight in a balanced way. The spelt husk filling adjusts around the body creating a feeling of comfort and easiness. It does not warm up and maintains constant temperature.

Children just love to sit on it while playing, eating and resting.

The outer cover is made of high quality 100% heavy cotton. It has a handle and a zipper and can be removed and washed. The inner cover is also equipped with a zipper for easy regulation of the filling quantity (the inner cover can be washed only after filling is removed)..


Zhou pillow with organic vegetable stuffing Millet

  •      Cover: 100% cotton
  •      Filling: organic millet husks
  •      Dimensions: 42cm x 58cm
  •      Color: white;
  •      Weight: 2.5 kg

Zhou pillow is filled with organic millet husks – quite small, round and incredibly smooth.

Pillow brings a sense of velvet softness and tenderness. Obvivkite millet allow constant circulation of air in the pillow so she does not zapotyava. Furthermore, they do not favor the development of mites.

Zhou pillow is like a living, small hollow spheres millet roll and adjust the shape of the head and neck.

You will love the first dream!

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Organic pillow – sleep bag Spelta

Cover: 100% cotton

Filling: Spelt husks

Size: 42cm õ 58cm

Spelta pillow adjusts according to the shape of the head and neck and does not sink under the body’s weight. Its shape and height can be adjusted according the individual needs and preferences as the filling inside moves freely and its quantity can be easily regulated. The spelt husks smell pleasantly like fields and hay. While moving the husks produce mild calming sound. The pillow has a positive effect on various complaints like back and neck pain, headache, stiff muscles, problems with joints, etc. The pillow does not warm up and maintains constant temperature. The cover is made of high quality cotton and has a zipper for easy regulation of the filling quantity (it can be washed only after the filling is removed). As long as Spelta pillows are completely different from those you had so far, it might require some time until you get used to it.


Thermo pillow for babies with colic with whole grain spelled

Case: 100% cotton
Filling: whole grains Spelt
Dimensions: 13 cm x 16cm

Heat cushion to relieve colic is filled with beans Spelt, a product of organic production.

It has a calming effect which comes from both the heat and the healing properties of the filler. Spelt is a special type of wheat known for its high purity and its pleasant aroma. Even in ancient times people used the ability spelled relieve pain and bruises, as warm it and placed in different locations on the body.


Cover: 100% cotton

Filling: Spelt husks

Size: 155cm x 25cm

Sleeping position is one of the major issues during pregnancy. Sleeping on the back is not reccommeded as the belly weight presses important blood vessels and can cause discomfort. Only available option is on the side, in which case the pregnant woman needs additional support to compensate for the changed body shape. Dreamy Pillow is especially designed to ensure comfortable and undisturbed sleep for the future mothers. It is long enough so that one end can go between the knees and the other can go in front of the breasts. The middle part can go under or in front of the belly. Its height can be adjusted according to the individual needs and preferences. The pillow does not warm up and maintains constant temperature. This special Dreamy pillow remains a wonderful assistant even after the magical nine months end. During breastfeeding it takes the baby weight leaving the mother’s hands free and lower and upper back relaxed. Dreamy manages also the difficult task ‘twins breastfeeding’ replacing the bunch of pillows otherwise needed. Dreamy can serve also as a bed for the newborn child – it is easily folded in two providing a comfortable ‘nest’ for the baby. The mother can put this improvized bed on the bed at night so that she can attend the baby anytime without leaving the bed. Dreamy pillow is not only comfortable but multifunctional. It can be used by people who like to sleep on the side as it supports the body and the limbs and prevents from squeezing the internal organs. After it fulfills its mission with mommy and baby it can become an original decoration.