Natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics

Natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics in our online bio shop – include cosmetic products for face, body and hair with verified origin and proven quality.

They contain pure natural ingredients and they are rich in vitamins, hydrating oils and antioxidants. Natural cosmetics stimulates the natural functions of the skin.

Our natural and bio cosmetics do not contain harmful additives such as petroleum waxes and synthetic substances.

Choosing cosmetic products from our bio shop, you choose to take care of the beauty of your skin and hair in a natural way without burdening the body while protecting the environment.

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Top-selling products


Regenerating Serum with snail extract, collagen and sea buckthorn oil – 2 x 3 ml ampoules

Regenerating Serum with snail extract and collagen is a concentrated cosmetic product with all natural ingredients for skin rejuvenation. The unique combination of ingredients in the regenerating serum – vitamins, carotenoids and amino acids act powerfully against the aging process of the face and neck skin.

Active components:

  •      snail extract
  •      sea buckthorn oil

Botox effect – Facial Serum with hexapeptides and hyaluronic acid – 2 x 3 ml ampoules

Serum Botox effect is a natural cosmetic product designed especially for the area around the eyes and mouth, where involuntary facial movements form permanent wrinkles.

Active ingredients:

  •     – hexapeptides
  •     – hyaluronic acid

What is the secret of Tibetan balm with mumiyo?

For centuries Mumiyo known Tibetan healers as a cure for asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, cystitis, migraine, neuralgia, dizziness, kidney and liver diseases, purulent inflammations, colitis, ulcers, poor vision in broken bones, rheumatism, arthritis, radiculitis, allergies, swelling, injuries, thrombophlebitis, periodontal problems, paralysis, infertility, hemorrhoids and hundreds of diseases.

Tibetan balm /cream/ for your health with Mumiyo

Net: 75ml

You’ll always find an online shop for health and beauty and in our representative shop in Sofia,., Str. “Lyubotran” 19.


Unrefined extra virgin argan oil produced from organic raw materials

Ingredients (INCI): Argania Spinosa Seed Oil

Aroma: light core

The texture of Argan oil Oleador is light, smooth and absorbs well. Organic Argan Oil from Germany contains important fatty acids and has a regenerative effect. Argan oil nourishes all skin types and is an ally in the fight against premature aging of the skin, which results from the loss of elastin. Argan oil restores damaged hair follicles and is therefore often used for any nourishing treatments for hair. Concentrated vitamin E promotes hair growth.


Natural Oil against hair loss with extracts of burdock and nettles – 2 ampoules

Rich complex of active ingredients, intense restore healthy hair texture.

  • Supports microcirculation in the upper layer of the scalp. It nourishes the roots and stimulate hair growth.
  • Contains herbal extracts, rich in active substances (proteins, amino acids, trace elements, etc..), Which are essential for toning the epithelial cells of skin blood flow and nourishing the hair follicle.
  • Stops hair loss, dandruff and remove excess grease.

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