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Sea Stars natural products for thalasso, aromatherapy and phytotherapy have cosmetic, preventive and curative effect. They have a broad spectrum of action on the skin and throughout the body
They contain rich in physiologically important mineral composition, algae and micro fauna typical of our Black Sea salt lakes.The content of nutrients magnesium is dominant.
Acting nourishing, relaxing, cleaning and beautifying the skin of the body, maintain it, soothe, restore, soften, moisturize and protect against aging.
Minerals, trace elements and natural essential oils / herbal extracts penetrate the skin through the pores, reaching nerve and circulatory and lymphatic systems and refresh, relax and tone the body. Stimulate protective reactions and tissue regenerative processes.
Have antioxidant and anti-cellulite effect.
Have a broad antimicrobial spectrum – have expressed anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
They are used in treating rheumatism, arthritis, disc disease, inflammation of periarticular tissues, radiculitis, neuritis, muscle pain, skin irritations, and diseases (psoriasis, acne), colds, flu, anxiety, depression, in sports medicine and others.

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CHOCOLATE Exfoliating and rejuvenating gel for face with Chocolate and Hyaluronic Acid

Natural cosmetic face product with exfoliating and nourishing action


  •      Effective exfoliant
  •      Removes dead cells and impurities from the pores
  •      Smoothes the skin
  •      Mineralizes, refreshes and tones skin
  •      Stimulates regenerative processes
  •      Act hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating skin
  •      Prevents wrinkles
  •      Makes the skin smooth and supple
  •      Protects against aging

Net: 50 ml


Night Cream RED ROSE, 50 ml

Sea Stars Night Cream RED ROSE is a bulgarian cosmetics product of BAS – IGIC / Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry /.

Night face care of the Pink series by Sea Stars, BAS offers gentle recovery of the epidermis, thanks to specially selected oils to nourish and regenerate the skin.


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