Sea Stars & Solilug - curative cosmetics by BAS Black with Black Sea minerals

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Regenerating Night Cream with chocolate and hyaluronic acid Sea Stars, 40 ml.

Regenerating Night Cream with chocolate and hyaluronic acid – a natural product of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Active ingredients:

  •        Hyaluronic acid
  •      Seaweed extract
  •      Cinnamon extract
  •      Macadamia oil
  •      Almond oil
  •      Apricot kernel oil
  •      Cocoa butter
  •      Vitamin E

Face and body Scrub with Honey and Milk, Sea Stars, BAS

Natural exfoliating gel with healing properties and product for various cosmetic and beauty treatments.

Exfoliating gel Honey and Milk Sea Stars is enriched with honey, milk, black sea lye and e natural product that provides maximum power and mineralization of the skin.

Net: 120ml

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CHOCOLATE Exfoliating and rejuvenating gel for face with Chocolate and Hyaluronic Acid

Natural cosmetic face product with exfoliating and nourishing action


  •      Effective exfoliant
  •      Removes dead cells and impurities from the pores
  •      Smoothes the skin
  •      Mineralizes, refreshes and tones skin
  •      Stimulates regenerative processes
  •      Act hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating skin
  •      Prevents wrinkles
  •      Makes the skin smooth and supple
  •      Protects against aging

Net: 50 ml


Cleansing Gel Anti-Acne TEENAGER

Natural product for sensitive and problem skin with herbal extracts, vitamins and healing Black Sea mud.

NO sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), NO sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), NO diethanolamine (DEA), NO polyethylene glycol (PEG), NO  propylene glycol (PG). Without parabens and allergens.

Net weight: 125 ml

Manufacturer: SeaStars & Solilug, Bulgaria