Bala Gopala Bulgaria

Bala Gopala is a Bulgarian producer of one of the main products in Vedic culture - Ghi cow butter.
According to Ayurveda, ghi is a concentrated, pure and merciful fiery energy of the Sun. Ghi not only feeds, purifies and cures, but also influences very positively on a subtle level. It brings natural health, beauty, harmony and happiness!
We can assert that Bala Gopala produces home GHI - Gopal Prasad because it is made by hand, with special care and care. It is also important who participates in the process of purifying cow butter - godly people in a peaceable state of peace, in a time and place that do not contain bad karma!

For the production of this Ghi, producer Bala Gopala uses only fresh cream butter from selected suppliers: small farms that grow their cows in a humane way and do not produce oil on an industrial scale.

The raw material comes directly from the farm within 1-2 days after its production. After receiving the oil, it is immediately processed on Ghi and packed in a glass package. Make relatively small batches to ensure the highest quality. All manufacturing processes are manual. This allows Ghi to produce "home" quality, attention and special attitude.

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