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If you have already chosen to eat healthy food and take care of your beauty with natural remedies, you will certainly want to be surrounded by objects and appliances that can suit your lifestyle.

We named this category Bio home, because in it you will find products for home: pillows with organic vegetable filling, Himalayan salt lamps, Himalayan candlesticks, aroma lamps and essential oils, biodegradable cleaners, home sprouting device, thermos, books and other useful home items.

Do you want to have a bio home? If so, we hope you are no longer using plastic shopping bags and have replaced the chemical cleaners with biodegradable products. If you haven’t already, start now!

Welcome to our Bio home!

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Cover: 100% cotton

Filling: Spelt husks

Size: 155cm x 25cm

Sleeping position is one of the major issues during pregnancy. Sleeping on the back is not reccommeded as the belly weight presses important blood vessels and can cause discomfort. Only available option is on the side, in which case the pregnant woman needs additional support to compensate for the changed body shape. Dreamy Pillow is especially designed to ensure comfortable and undisturbed sleep for the future mothers. It is long enough so that one end can go between the knees and the other can go in front of the breasts. The middle part can go under or in front of the belly. Its height can be adjusted according to the individual needs and preferences. The pillow does not warm up and maintains constant temperature. This special Dreamy pillow remains a wonderful assistant even after the magical nine months end. During breastfeeding it takes the baby weight leaving the mother’s hands free and lower and upper back relaxed. Dreamy manages also the difficult task ‘twins breastfeeding’ replacing the bunch of pillows otherwise needed. Dreamy can serve also as a bed for the newborn child – it is easily folded in two providing a comfortable ‘nest’ for the baby. The mother can put this improvized bed on the bed at night so that she can attend the baby anytime without leaving the bed. Dreamy pillow is not only comfortable but multifunctional. It can be used by people who like to sleep on the side as it supports the body and the limbs and prevents from squeezing the internal organs. After it fulfills its mission with mommy and baby it can become an original decoration.


Universal biodegradable detergent UNITOP


UNITOP is a liquid concentrate with universal deep cleansing properties.

Unitop technologically new product unmatched in the market that combines impeccable cleaning qualities and neagresivnost to cleaned surfaces.

Using this product inovatsionnen after spraying the cleaned surface, the molecular links pollution to tear “cut short” pollution and lift off the cleaned surface.

Removes stains from clothing and textile fabrics without bleaching effect and does not change the color of tissues and treated surfaces.
Usage – for cleaning, ovens, grills, kitchen equipment, water taps, very dirty ceramic tiles, marble, stainless steel, aluminum, plastvasa, worn surfaces, woodwork, leather, remove stains on clothing, upholstery, carpets and more.


UNIGLANTS – concentrate for cleaning of sanitary ware and tiles

100% biodegradable product that is safe for health


Uniglants is a multipurpose highly effective cleaning concentrate developed under modern requirements based on the latest preparations in this area for cleaning and disinfecting of all types of hard surfaces that can be washed with water. Developed on the basis of natural soap and selected surfactants.

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