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Organic and natural food-a guarantee for health, self-esteem and good tone.

Organic foods are those that are produced under strict standards of organic farming or animal husbandry, whose principles and practices are to minimize human environmental impact and ensure the functioning of the farming system In the most natural, close-to-nature manner, without compromising the eco-systems and the natural equilibrium. Organic products are clean and healthy foods that we can always trust.

Natural food products do not contain synthetic ingredients or they are kept to a minimum. There are no strict standards for natural foods in many countries around the world.

Often the words “bio” and “organic” are synonyms and are used for the equivalent of the popular Western definition “organic”.

Why shall we choose organic foods? Because they have a proven origin and certainly do not contain petroleum products, chemicals, genetically modified ingredients, fillers, artificial colors and carcinogenic preservatives that we find abundant in food products for mass consumption.

One more thing – by choosing organic food we encourage organic agriculture and organic farming and thus contribute to the salvation of our planet from pollution and its slow destruction.

In our online bio shop you will find a wide variety of organic and natural foods for every taste: spices, different types of tahini, oils, cocoa, nuts, cereal products and others.

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Chicory soluble
100 g
Origin: Russia
Soluble natural chicory drink – an alternative to coffee. Favorably affects the body by strengthening the immune system, increases the vitality, lowers cholesterol and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
Does not contain caffeine

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Chia seeds for germination

The chia seeds are rich in natural antioxidants that are responsible for blocking free radicals. It does not contain gluten and there have been no known cases of allergic reactions. Chia seeds are rich in calcium and are the largest vegetarian source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Net weight: 13g

Manufacturer: Bavicchi, Italy

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