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What is essential oil?

Essential oils are synthesized and accumulate in aromatic parts / organs of essential oil plants: flowers, leaves and stems, fruits and roots in the peculiar formations called "receptacles". Essential oils are resinous substances, not fat. Their molecular structure resembles the molecular structure of human hormones, which is why so unreservedly accepted and assimilated by our body.

There are several different methods of extraction (extraction) of essential oils: steam distillation, mechanical extraction by cold pressing or centrifugation, extraction solvent and extraction agent by sinks.

Essential oils have a light texture, intense aroma, very concentrated and volatile, ie evaporate relatively quickly. According to their speed of evaporation, essential oils are divided into base notes, heart notes and top notes. This explains why the perfume smells differently immediately after spraying on skin and for several hours afterwards. Top notes are primary scents that feel. Once they disperse / from the third minute to one hour / feel the heart notes and the most resistant base notes whose life could be even 24 hours.

Essential oils are used in pharmaceuticals, because of the well expressed bactericidal properties in the perfume and cosmetics industry in the manufacture of perfumes, creams, soaps and shampoos and last but not least - in cooking as preservatives and spices.

Essential oils should always be stored in a glass container, as can be dissolved in the plastic. Because of its molecular structure, most of them can have hormone-like action in the body or strengthen menstruation - that's why most are not recommended during pregnancy. Being highly concentrated, never apply directly to the skin before you've opened them in basic oil.

Examples of essential oils:
Top notes (usually citrus): lemon, orange, eucalyptus, mint
Heart notes (usually flowers), chamomile, geranium, myrtle, lavender, palmaroza
Base notes (usually by trees and resins): sandalwood, cinnamon, patchouli

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