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Natural cosmetics with collagen and PEARLS Natural cosmetics with collagen and PEARLS

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High qualitycombination of collagen and natural raw materials used to manufacture this beauty, rank among the series - best known brands. Since 1991 the scientific team led by n.s.inzh. Tanya Roganska, developed and implemented based on the latest achievements of the leading producers of raw materials, cosmetic series based Collagen hydrolyzate (in sobsven patent).

The series "COLLAGENA Naturalis" products contain a maximum close to the international nature of specially designed innovative formulations that provide effective daily skin care. Thanks to professional selected natural ingredients, all products of cosmetic series Collagena Naturalis suitable for all skin types. Excellent affordable and very sensitive skin. A new generation, free from: parabens, Silicones, synthetic oils and mineral oils, 100% pure vegetable oil natural flavors.

   The series "COLLAGENA Silver Pearl" is an incredible combination of dust from freshwater pearls, collagen hydrolyzate and natural vitamins. All cosmetic series with patented technologies.

Products are rated on international fairs and exhibitions. Were registered in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Israel, Turkey, Greece and others.


Collagena Naturalis Bulgaria (4)


High quality 100% natural cosmetics

COLLAGENA NATURALIS presents cosmetics of new generation free of preservatives, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, silicones, mineral oils, organic M filters and alcohol.

The main active ingredients of the series are Lumisphere (Sederma France) and Jasmine
oil ensure instantly improve the look of skin, removed minor flaws such as spots, wrinkles, roughness and pores, equalize the complexion. Essential and vegetable oils are used with a special technology that retains the essential properties of antioxidants. So creams provide elasticity and velvety softness.

The main characteristics of the product series Collagena Naturalis are:

- Entirely pure vegetable oils

- All natural flavors

- Free from preservatives

- Absence of silicone

- No synthetic dyes and mineral oils

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