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Clinoptilolite zeolite of fine pebbles for better water binding, 100g.

Put the contents in 5 liters of water / slightly mineralized - table or spring / to stand for 6 to 8 hours. Then consume water regularly by adding fresh water to the container.

Use 90 days, then replace the pebbles with new ones.

For all men, women, children over 10 years is used as a means of prophylaxis and purification of the body from toxins, heavy metals and radioactive elements.

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ZEOLIT - The Rhodope Mountain Wonder

Mineralogists reveal that the mystery of Rhodope health actually lies in this miraculous white-colored mineral through which the drinking water passes through. So it becomes ionized and acquires the properties of living water - heals and rejuvenates the body by extracting toxins and heavy metals from it like a magic wand.

The geological researches are categorical - the largest deposit of clinoptilolite is found in the Eastern Rhodopes. The oldest deposits are in Australia, but the Bulgarians are sometimes better quality and amount to 10 billion tons. If the apocalyptic scenarios of ecological catastrophe or nuclear war come true in the very near future, the miracle minerals will prove to be more valuable than gold and lead-zinc ores, which are already polluting the Rhodope region. Declared archives recently revealed that after the Chernobyl accident in 1986, the first job of the Soviet government was to decontaminate the perimeter precisely with zeolite powder.

The stone of youth, left in a bottle of water, charges it so forcefully that it catches the slags from our body and brings them out instantaneously through the excretory system. Even the radioactive elements cesium 134, cesium 137 and strontium 90, zeolite intercepts and removes from the body. Molecular Sieve of Chemical Analysis shows that zeolite is made up of aluminum, silicon and oxygen - nothing special here. Looked under a microscope, however, it appears that its structure resembles a honeycomb. Some researchers compare it to a molecular sieve that captures the human soul's breathtaking effects.

How does magic work? The surface of zeolite is charged with negative electricity. This allows the stone to attract and retain cations from the environment in which it is located, and in turn to separate others. Thus, clinoptilolite struggles with the largest pollutants in the environment - copper, zinc, lead, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which are also cations. As a result of its properties, the mineral heals and protects against a number of diseases. It acts as a cardiovascular elixir, regulates blood pressure, treats gastrointestinal disorders, gastritis, ulcer, diabetes, acts favorably on the nervous system, is recommended after radiation therapy.

The fastest effect after intake of water ionized with clinoptilolite is observed with the disappearance of insomnia, sweating and regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar. Dedicated doctors use it as an adjunct therapy for hepatitis, tumor, liver cirrhosis and mononucleosis. "For three months stretches the skin and removes cellulite," they can not be surprised and German professors have done tests with the stone of youth. It kills tumors. Research by the medical team of Prof. Penka Blagoeva from the National Cancer Center in Sofia confirms that zeolite helps with cancer. 69-year-old man from Silistra after 6 months of water use, ionized with clinoptilolite, spreads two radiographs everywhere in Bulgaria. The second is without carcinoma.

by Ивелина Златанова, 09 Nov 2017

Отлично средство за детоксикация, придават по- сладък вкус на водата и я правят по- пивка. Много сме доволни от продукта.

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