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Tibetan balm for Health - mumiyo

Tibetan balm for Health - mumiyo

What is the secret of Tibetan balm with mumiyo?

For centuries Mumiyo known Tibetan healers as a cure for asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, cystitis, migraine, neuralgia, dizziness, kidney and liver diseases, purulent inflammations, colitis, ulcers, poor vision in broken bones, rheumatism, arthritis, radiculitis, allergies, swelling, injuries, thrombophlebitis, periodontal problems, paralysis, infertility, hemorrhoids and hundreds of diseases.

Tibetan balm /cream/ for your health with Mumiyo

Net: 75ml

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Tibetan balm /cream/ for health with Mumiyo

Ingredients: Mumiyo, propolis, beeswax, petroleum jelly, lanolin, concretes nettle geranium and marigold, juniper oil, lavender, pine, eucalyptus, hisop, tea tree, apricot, sunflower and mustard.

Quantity: 75ml.


  • For massaging the areas of the body associated with the occurrence of pain on movement and sensation of numbness.
  • Contributes to soothe the skin after application on painful areas of the joints, tendons and muscles.
  • There is a restorative effect on blood vessels in the skin and subcutaneous tissues and helps to reduce inflammation in the affected areas in cases of uncomplicated varicose veins surfaces, minor injuries, external hemorrhoids. In massage the pain quickly subsides.
  • The Tibetian Balm with Mumyio stimulates blood circulation and removes syndrome "cold feet".
  • Furthermore, improves skin condition it nourishes and restores its normal tone and elasticity.

Usage: Apply balm on the painful area for at least 2 times a day with a slight but continuous massage (5-6 minutes), for better penetration of active ingredients for one month. Then for supporting effect is used once a day.

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