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Roasted chestnuts - peeled

Roasted chestnuts - peeled

Peeled roasted chestnuts

  • ready for immediate consumption
  • in a convenient package

100% organic product with valuable nutritional qualities - contain vitamins, minerals and fiber.

No sweeteners, colorants, preservatives and additives.

Code: kest01
  • Weight: 0.100 Kgs

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Eat chestnuts hot or cold. Suitable for salads and appetizers.

Origin: China

Net weight: 80g

Nutritional value per 100g
Energy value 185,10kcal / 774.46kJ
proteins 4,29g
fat 0,70g
- Unsaturated fatty acids 0,12g
- Trans fatty acids 0g
- Cholesterol 0g
carbohydrates 40,00g
  from which sugars:
- Fructose 0g
- Glucose 0g
- Sucrose 7,44g
- Maltose 0g
- Lactose 0g
salt 0g
fiber 8,25g
Ash content 952,00mg
Water content 53,90g
sodium 2,03mg
potassium 384.10mg
calcium 16.12mg
magnesium 57.62mg
1.26mg iron
phosphorus 78.00mg
copper 0.36mg
zinc 0.86mg
Vitamin A 11.2μg
Vitamin C 33.7mg

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