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Radish seeds

Radish seeds

Organic Radish seed for germination

The high vitamin C content and sharp taste of sprouts of radish make them suitable for colds, sinusitis, asthma and tension in the chest. They activate the activity of the intestinal flora, help clearing it of mucus and reinforce the kidneys and liver.

Net weight: 30g

Manufacturer: Bavicchi, Italy

Code: geo05
  • Weight: 0.100 Kgs

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Instructions for use:

Soak the seeds in water at room temperature - the amount should be enough to cover them. After 8-12 hours, rinse them thoroughly under running water and spread out evenly on the court for germination, as shown on the packaging. Rinse seeds 2-3 times a day until fully germinate. When washing should be drained well because begin to rot / moldy if there is excess water. When you are ready, you can freeze them and store them in a few days, after which they can continue to grow. Before consumption wash the sprouts as brushing your ordinary salad.

Soaking: 8-12 hours
Rinsing: 2-3 times per day
Germination: 4-6 days
Height: 2.5 cm to 7.5 cm
Method: a device for germination

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