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Shampoo against hair loss with caffeine, extracts of arnica and nettle

Shampoo against hair loss with caffeine, extracts of arnica and nettle

Shampoo against hair loss with extracts of nettle and arnica + caffeine

The herbal shampoo against hair loss with arnica and nettle stimulates hair growth, strengthens the hair and scalp.

Net: 280m

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Purpose of shampoo:

  •      It recommended for seasonal and increased hair loss because it stimulates growth and strengthens hair.
  •      It has antioxidant activity.
  •      Specially selected combination of active ingredients maintain the strength of the scalp stimulates blood circulation.
  •      Gives vitality to the hair.

How do the active ingredients in the herbal shampoo against hair loss?

  •     Caffeine - Recognized as a stimulant, caffeine has proven its remarkable properties against hair loss. Acting on the multiplication of cells of the hair follicle and also has a protective role on the cells from oxidative stress.
  •     Arnica extract stimulates peripheral blood circulation to the scalp and nourishes the hair roots.
  •     The nettle extract contains carotene, an essential oil, alkaloids, phytoncides etc., Which have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. Stinging nettle is a natural source of silicon in an easily absorbable form. Silicon is an essential mineral that contributes to healthy hair and provides protection from hair loss.
  •     D-panthenol provide long-lasting hydration to the hair. Reduces the formation of split ends. Improves the condition of damaged hair making it thicker and gives it shine.

    The herbal extracts in shampoo with mutual action strengthens the hair and have a regenerative effect.

by Антоанета Вълова, 03 Nov 2016

Мек и ненатрапчив. Много ми хареса.

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