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Why Organic?

"Closer to Nature" is the mission of

In our shop we tryed to select products from organic production, natural and organic cosmetics lines, hand made products.

For each of them, it is important to know - these products have a high quality and does not harm our health and the environment.

What does it mean to use BIO, EKO and natural products?


The Organic production must comply with the following requirements:


  •            Absolute prohibition of chemical and easily soluble mineral fertilizers
  •            Absolute prohibition on the use of gene technology in any form
  •            Reduced number of permitted additives
  •            Humane livestock - more space, light and air for each animal
  •            Forbidden routine use of drugs in the feed.

 In the organic and natural products you will not find:
Surfactants (surface active agents or foaming agents or detergents)
Products of oil refining
Artificial flavors
Artificial colorings
Cosmetics not tested on animals


When using organic food is worth knowing that every product and its production are controlled by the law: Regulation 2092/91 EC for organic farming.

Why should we eat organic food?

  • To make you sure to not put on the table food with a high content of hazardous additives
  • Because of their high nutritional value
  • To be healthy

Why use BIO and NAUTRAL cosmetics?

Because you love your skin and hair and you want to feed them with the best. The Certified organic cosmetics or the selected natural cosmetics has proven high quality, does not cause allergic reactions in certain cases and treated.

Are more expensive the ORGANIC PRODUCTS?

The Organic farming requires more manual labor and machining instead of chemistry. The Yields are low, and the additional certification costs - higher. All this raises the cost of the production.
But think about it - is it better to buy organic products now at a higher price and be healthy or it is better use toxic products of conventional agriculture and throw your money on drugs?


The choice is natural.

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