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Seeds for sprouting Seeds for sprouting

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The sprouts are sprouted seeds. Enter the category super foods because they are energy sources with low calorific value.
If the seeds are useful, it germinated seeds are ten times more useful, because in the process of sprouting amount of vitamins and nutrients is growing enormously.

Germinated seeds have healing properties and Biostimulates. Rich in vitamins and trace elements, they improve metabolism, clears the body, strengthen immunity, energize and increase efficiency. Germinated seeds have everything foresight has put them in nature for the development of new life and survival in harsh environments. In addition to vitamins, sprouts contain a large amount of fiber, amino acids and minerals.

The sprouts are beautifully balanced and easily digestible food. Some of them possess medicinal properties.
They are a favorite of vegans! Why? Because they are high in protein, and unlike the meat and eggs do not contain cholesterol nor treated with antibiotics and hormones.
In this respect: do not buy seeds for seedlings from supermarkets! They are already treated with chemicals against pests. Wheat into the store usually blighted and brown buckwheat is milled - can not



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