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AVIA Natural cosmetics with Bulgarian Clay AVIA Natural cosmetics with Bulgarian Clay

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Clay is a miracle!
Clay is used for treatment of skin and internal diseases.
It heals wounds, boils, sprains and all kinds of injuries, varicose veins, swelling, hives, eczema, insect bites, cold sores, fungus of the feet, rubbing, even cellulite.
Humata nourishes the skin and restores elasticity to dry hair and shredded.
Clay is a healing, soothing and acting analgesic for arthritis.

It absorbs the accumulated toxins in the digestive tract. It works well with colitis, gastritis, kidney disease, atherosclerosis.
Healing clay is recommended for anemia, spring fever, intense mental and physical activity, pregnancy.

When animals are sick, they seek basins where clay soil, as clay is transmitted and healing properties of water.
Health and beauty properties of humanitarian been known since the Egyptians, who made ​​compresses with healing earth and so are treated wounds. They were using it in mushroom poisoning, and also in the process of mummification because of its antibacterial effect.

Make way for Nature and stay healthy!

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