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Organic pillows (8)

Organic pillows with spelled and millet are ergonomic, non allergеtic, no sweat and every moment can be regulated - the cover has a zipper, which anyone can adjust the amount of filling, and it changes to a specific period - from 3 to 5 years .

Why we chose spelled and millet?

Spelled is a special variety of wheat known since antiquity - "corn of the Pharaons." In the Caucasus there are remains of spelled from the 5th century BC. Around 2500-1700 BC the spelled has been distributed in Central Europe.

Apart from the qualities of healthy food, spelled placed in specific locations of the body and alleviates disease symptoms are mild restorative effect.

Millet is one of the ancient grain known by men. Shells of millet are rich in silicic acid, relieving the  muscle pain, stimulating the metabolism and the immune system under the body heat. . The pillow is a solid foundation for the neck and head.

Why not wake up healthier?

Biodegradable detergents for home (6)

The products are manufactured under a new cleaning technology, no analogue on the market.

They fully meet the current EU health and environmental requirements.

They are completely degraded by nature in Nature.

They are strong concentrates, making them extremely economical in their use.

They have a wide range of action.

With neutral pH formulations - they do not cause irritation and allergies on the skin, they do not damage the cleaned surfaces.

Thermal belts and masks against wrinkles and pain (0)

Heat "move" Earth!
Sometimes ... no matter the season, it pierces the cold and you want a warm hand, a warm room ... Sometimes ... when thestormblew, you want to enterevenin the fireplace ...
We offer a safer and faster option to warm. Our thermal products give warm to you immediately, and no matter where - no electricity, no wood, no gas.
Warm your life and be healthy and happy!
 Our thermo hearts palpitate for your cold hands ...!



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